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Handwritten 2014 Three Words Napa Valley

They say that each person’s handwriting is unique to them, like a finger print that distinguishes you from others. Similarly we feel that our signature blend, Three Words, is highly distinguished. First, we take a bit of a different approach in making this particular blend. Three Words is more of a premeditated blend. Instead of mixing the various grape varieties after they become wine, we harvest all of the grapes the same day and they all find their way into the same tank in our winery. Forged through fermentation, Three Words finds a balance and harmony rarely experienced. This is the perfect dinner party or holiday wine as it is incredibly versatile with food pairings and is always a crowd favorite. Grounded in earthy aromas with highlights of fresh fruit and spice, this is the epitome of smooth and easy drinking.


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Harvest & Tasting Notes:

Composition: 59% Cab Sauvignon, 38% Cabernet Franc, 3% Petit Verdot
Abv: 14.8%


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