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Handwritten 2016 The Author 750 ml

This crisp and clean Sauvignon Blanc is coming off of our estate out in Wooden Valley in the southeast corner of Napa County. The warm and dry climate out there, east of the Vaca Mountain range, allow us to coax some of the more exotic fruit notes, like kiwi and melon. This Sauvignon Blanc is finished off in neutral oak barrels, so as not to impart oaky flavors but instead to enhance the body of the wine. We gain a touch of weight on the palate with notes of brioche and morning buns but more importantly, the finish is rounded out so that each sip is smooth and delightful. Up at our secret Farmhouse, this wine is known as the AP (All Purpose) wine, as it is the perfect white wine for every occasion. One note of caution, The Author tends to go quickly in warm weather so make sure to stock up and have another on ice just in case.


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Harvest & Tasting Notes:

Composition: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Abv: 15.1%


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