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Handwritten 2018 The Author 750ml

Handwritten’s beloved ‘The Author’ was named for our Sauvignon Blanc as it is one of the noble grapes that was crossed to create Cabernet Sauvignon. The other, of course, is Cabernet Franc. The genic research that discovered this truth still makes people’s eyes go wide. This versatile wine is also the author of many good times – both on the patio and at the dining table.


Sourced from our Good Life Estate Vineyards in Wooden Valley, which is located in the southeast corner of Napa County, the warm and dry climate east of the Vaca Mountain Range allows us to coax exotic fruit notes not typically found in the Napa Valley. Each vintage is finished off in neutral oak barrels to enhance the body of the wine without imparting oak flavors.

Our 2018 vintage of the ‘The Author’ teems with bright tropical fruit, honeydew and kiwi with delightful impressions of lemon meringue pie and baking spices. Medium bodied with bright acidity, this refreshing wine finishes with a hint of toasty brioche and a harmonious balance of fruity melon and citrus undertones.


Food pairings: Shrimp gazpacho, ceviche, fruit salads, fried chicken


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